About Us

What is powderroom.net?
It’s a global online magazine and community for women who snowboard.

When was it launched?
It all started in 2002 when London-based snowboarder and journalist Lucie McLean put together her own home-made site. It has since grown into the biggest online forum and content producer for female snowboarders.

Who writes for it?
The site has a network of contributors around the world. Click here to see our list of regional contacts.

Who built it?
The site has been built and maintained by US-based developer and snowboarder Lorene Voskinarian

Who designed it?
It was designed by Claire Tomm and Lorene Voskinarian.

How can I contact the people who run the site?
Click here to see the contact us page.

How many users do you get?
In October 2007 we got around 25,000 unique users and 300,000 page views and this continues to grow every month.

Can I buy snowboarding products from you?
No, we don’t sell snowboarding gear. But feel free to visit any of our advertisers or affiliates and support our advertisers!

Can I get some free stickers?
Of course! Click here to find out how.

Do you have any other powderroom.net merchandise?
We have some supernice t-shirts you can buy. Click here to check em out at Blueskin.com

How can I send you a press release?
You can send it to the relevant regional contact for the site – click here to see the list.

How can I advertise on the site?
Please contact our ad sales at ads@powderroom.net.

How can I write for the site?
We welcome ideas for content for the site – for features and for people who would like to blog for us. At the moment we can’t afford to pay but hope to be able to one day!

Do you get special offers for your readers?
Yes, a range of companies give our readers special discounts. Click here to visit the page of current offers.

Have you got a newsletter?
Yes, we have a monthly newsletter. To get it, sign up for our forum and select the ‘receive newletter’ option during the sign-up process. Click here to go to the forum

Do you run competitions?
Yes we run as many giveaways as we can. Click here to go to the competitions page.

Why can’t I only enter some competitions if I live in certain countries?
We get product for our competitions from marketing departments who only cover certain territories. They only have budgets to finance promotions in their area. We do try to get as many competitions in different parts of the world as we can though.

Where can I find content from your old site?

Please visit