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Snuggle up with a Wicked Campervan

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The start of my snowboarding holidays sometimes feel a bit like this: 
1. Leave the house before the birds are singing and the sun has risen dragging behind me a heavy snowboard bag (called Tigger Rose) filled with one snowboard and 27 thousand different changes of clothes
2. Haul Tigger Rose like dead body up dark street along with laptop bag (aka Dragon) and hand luggage (aka Chloe the Midnight Fox) to bus stop ready for my bus / tube / DLR / train trek across central London

You? Yes, Yew!

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Late last year Yew Clothing was launched offering us sportswear made from 100% recycled materials. The Founder Jun Wong (JT), agreed to talk to about his newest business venture and why we should all be concerned, not only with what we wear, but where it comes from. 

Feeling Meri?

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The next time you enjoy an après beer while listening to some scruffy-looking long-haired ski-bums strum tunes on their guitar, take a little bit more interest. It might only be The bloody Feeling. Actually it probably won’t be The Feeling, now that they are super successful and touring the world. But back in 2001 gigging across ski resorts was exactly how they cut their teeth. So in honour of their humble snow beginnings (and their ridiculous passion for sliding on snow) they have organised “The World’s Most Scenic Music Festival” and invited all of their super cool celeb friends.  

Testing times at Rock on Snowboard

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Sending me snowboard testing is a bit like sending my boyfriend to TopShop, Oxford Circus and asking him to spend an inordinate amount of time studying all their products.

Meet the Rock on Snowboard crew

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The first Rock on Snowboard has just completed its tour across four different ski stations. It’s officially taking the place of the old preseason "Mondial du Snowboard" which shut up shop last year after a 19 year stint as the preseason snowboard testing event. 
Rock on Snowboard is supposed to put a twist on snowboard testing of old by adding a bit more rock, a bit more roll and plenty of riding. How did they do this? Well firstly they bought a big bus and painted it. Then they hired some crazy DJs and a few uber cool bands. Then they all squeezed onto the painted bus with 1200 different snowboards and away they went.

Roadtrip and festival gig up for grabs in Basecamp Rocks

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Basecamp Rocks – a Battle of the bands that gives one lucky school band a shot at spending the winter season playing gigs across a series of ski resorts. 
Not content with simply sponsoring a ruddy great music festival, Basecamp have now decided to source the talent for one as well. Last week they launched Basecamp Rocks, a search to find the best young musical talent out there. The winners of the competition will be sent on an all-expenses-paid road trip through the French Alps, gigging in some of France’s most popular apres-ski nightspots before finishing up playing a set in front of thousands at TignesFest 2010!

Ground control to planet Morzine

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There is a clock in my head: a big white giant snow clock tick-tocking the countdown to winter. It’s causing me sleepless nights, permeating my waking day and giving me palpitations on my walk to work. Because there is white stuff arriving in the mountains and I have several BIG questions that need answering. I need to know what cool stuff is coming up this season. I need to know when to book my flight and most importantly I need to know what to wear, because even if you don’t want to admit it I will happily scream from the top of the Mont Blanc “People! I want to look good on snow!!!!”

Review: Tignesfest 2009

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With a fresh dump of powder, two tour buses packed with the crème de la crème of European artists and an incredibly attractive press pack (moi?) Tignes went into overdrive last weekend with the party to end all parties. 

An end of season view from…Verbier

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A kind of illness has beset Verbier town, a fever. It seems everyone is suffering from it, everyone that is except me. I arrived in Verbier last weekend for meetings, snowboarding and general end of season relaxing. But as I unloaded my car six adult-sized pink panthers moseyed passed me, followed by a Borat, and absolutely no one in resort was wearing ski related clothing. 
I was in town to hook up with Peak Leaders. The super star instructor trainers were preparing their last batch of trainees for their BASI Level 2 exam.

School’s out in Fernie

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With our credit crunching, our quality of life being reduced to within an inch of its life and Woolworth’s no longer offering pick and mix, many of us are thinking “What the hell are we still doing in England?” Record numbers of people are using the unstable economic climate as a get out clause.