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Big Bang in Britain

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Bonfire Night is approaching in the UK. Traditionally fireworks are let off and a dazzling display of light and loud bangs are seen and heard across the country on 5 November celebrating the discovery of Guy Fawkes’s plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1604. However, a Big Bang was encountered earlier during

Kate’s Co-ed Camp Adventure

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I had been waiting for dates for a female freestyle course but none had come up which coincided with my availability so I had a choice: wait, wait and wait some more or take a plunge with the boys?

Over Thirty and Over the Hill

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Many female snowboard camps are aimed at women in their twenties or younger but when you’re older (in my case much older) time and fitness can be an issue when trying to get your snowboard fix. Careers and family commitments can make getting away hard so time on the slopes is precious.

If I can, you can – experience of a freestyle virgin at the Girl’s Academy, Sno!zone

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As someone who started boarding as a ‘thirtysomething’, not very talented, slow to learn and a bit of a coward, I thought freestyle was not for me. As far as I was concerned jumps and tricks were something done by testosterone fuelled, young men or professional, confident female boarders. How wrong was I?!

Sno!zone real snow slopes at Castleford, Braehead, near Glasgow and Milton Keynes run a Girl’s Academy at each venue once a month. The Academy is designed by women, instructed by women and is exclusively for women (no men allowed).