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GoPro Announces New Faster & Smaller HD Hero3

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GoPro launched their new HD Hero3 with this video, which was filmed entirely on the new device. This is what I wish our POV films looked like. Maybe I need to get one? Overall I am impressed by how great the videos look especially compared to the HD Hero that I have. GoPro has seemingly

Wanderlust: Welcome Corinne Pasela

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In the first episode of Wanderlust, from Roxy and Peep Show, we meet Roxy’s newest rider Corinne Pasela.  Nice to see them add a real rail rider to the Roxy team. (Do I get bonus points for that alliteration?)

Haute Links: Holden Outerwear 2012-2013

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Holden has just launched their 2012-2013 website at In addition to all the product info and videos, we notice that if you sign up for their newsletter they’ll give you 10% off your order. Get on that!