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Preview: Nikita Street 2013 Winter Collection

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[youtube] Even though this wet, hot American summer has yet to cease its abuse, Nikita Clothing has got us ready to feel the chill of the hill with a little sneak preview of their 2013 Winter Collection. What’s your favorite look?

Nike Snowboarding Launch Party

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Those crazy marketeers down at Nike are keen to shock us snowboarders right out of our boots – literally. Although the majority of us would care not to think about blood-splattered snowboarding gear, the popular sporting accessories company seems to think differently. Luckily for me, their ad campaign doesn’t conjure any memories of gnarly accidents on the hill, but if it does for you, I imagine you wouldn’t’ be the biggest fan of Danny Kass’ work – and people like me for going along with it – boy was the launch party fun!


A Visit to Mountain High

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If you’re headed to Mountain High this season, don’t be surprised if you bump into pro snowboarder Corey Cronk and he’s sporting a sticker.  His pants may be three times his size (you either dig it or you don’t) but Cronk definitely recognizes style when he sees it – and our stickers are no exception.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:172:]]It was a beautiful afternoon on the hill and the snow was like a delicious 7-Eleven slurpy.  You can’t go wrong mid-week at Mountain High and even if shredding wasn’t your thing (which it had better be), you could hang out all afternoon in the sunshine in the parking lot and still be cool.  People set up shop outside their cars – as in beach chairs and loud, are-you-ready-to-shred tunes that blast from their speakers.

Toro! Toro! Watch out for Fasani’s horns!

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The last time we caught up with Kimmy Fasani, she was flying high.  As in, ripping it slopestyle, like a little birdie with a gnarly set of DC sponsored wings and a film crew to capture every fall from the nest.  Lucky for her, this Taurus always lands on her feet.  Nowadays, it’s a bit more of the same, although Fasani’s finding more time to play it low-key.  And by low-key, she means more filming – in Alaska.  No biggie.
[[wysiwyg_imageupload:154:]]Catch Kimmy Fasani on the phone and she’s the opposite of what you’d expect.  Humble, gracious and completely chilled-out.  You’d have no idea she rips the way she does.
“I’m doing really well, just hanging out in Mammoth.”

Raewyn Reid

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Raewyn Reid is money–literally and figuratively. Why? Because at 21, she’s one of three DC sponsored female riders.  Sound money?  That’s because it is.  

Chanelle Sladics

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No story in the world of snowboarding is quite as unique as Chanelle Sladics’.  From skateboarder punk to professional snowboarder/surfer/organic veggie farmer, there’s next to no terrain Sladics hasn’t already shredded. had the chance to catch up with the action sports triple-threat turned yoga teacher before her trip to Bali this month.  Have we yet to see mo

A Pom Pom Sneak Peak: From wax to necktubes?

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Pom Pom is introducing necktubes into their winter arsenal.   It’s about time that the all-lady, multi-sports wax and accessory company (the first of its kind) branched out beyond the obvious and, at times, overplayed hoodie/tote selection it currently offers. 

Nowadays, there’s money to be made by giving the lady public more of what we crave, and right now, face gear is the new frontier.  Like a pair of dangling earrings or side-swept bangs, what’s up front is of utmost importance – especially on the slopes – where your sex is often determined by the color of your gear.

Volcom Wants Your Old Jeans (for a good cause)

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What happens when Volcom Brand Jeans teams up with the National Coalition for the Homeless?

One heck-of-a-catchy-song, that’s what!

The Volcom ‘Give Back’ series is reaching out to the community and asking for jean donations: ripped, repaired, high-waisted 80’s style and the like.  If you have a pair of jeans (or a couple) you don’t need or want, just drop them off at any participating store and you’ll be entered to win a years supply of Volcom Brand Jeans.  And with the New Year well on it’s way, could there be any more incentive to do a little end-of-the-year cleaning?

Trailing the Olympic Torch

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With the 2010 Winter Games well on their way, Vancouver is beginning to feel the heat of the Olympic torch–quite literally.

The internationally renowned flame is set to make its way across all 10 Canadian provinces, even reaching the northern most part of Nunavut.  The selected 12,000 torchbearers, ranging from athletes to aboriginal participants, are scheduled to carry the flame a celebratory 100 days prior to the opening ceremony.

Vans Vault kick-off in LA

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Last Thursday, the Conveyor shop at Santa Monica’s Fred Segal kicked off Vans’ high-end shoe selection, Vault, featuring artist Taka Hayashi and other designers, with good music, booze, and tasty tacos. 

It was the first event in a series to showcase Vans designers at the shop monthly, and promote the brand’s constant flow of ever-changing shoe styles and apparel.

Ten questions with Kimmy Fasani

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As if being a professional snowboarder weren’t enough, 25-year-old Kimmy Fasani has a BS in Marketing and a pet Terrier to boot. Not only that, but her recent performance on producer Stan Evans and director Jeremy Miller’s STANCE – a new snowboarding flick with an all female cast – leaves fans begging for more.

Lucky for us, we’ve yet to see everything the DC sponsored, California native’s got hidden in her arsenal. Kimmy’s coveted fearlessness is steering her in new directions, and it looks as though backcountry’s where it’s at. 

A View From… Big Bear Mountain job fair

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I love the idea of spending all winter on the mountain, but waiting in line behind 1,000 seasonal worker hopefuls in order to do so?  Um, not so much.
I didn’t see any harm in checking out the job fair, initially… The Big Bear Mountain Resort website said to come early and so I gave myself a few hours to primp, prepare, and make my way to the mountain before doors opened.