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The Italian Job

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Karen Willmer goes on a whirlwind weekend trip to Courmayeur to try out the new Ford C-Max and get in some shredding. Be sure to watch her video on the trip at the bottom of the page!

Drive-throughs are always the best. They’re a satisfying quick-fix, just when you need it. But we stepped it up a notch for our drive through. Forget fast food, coffees or car wash; try a drive-through snowboard in Courmayeur. In fact, make that a double.

Freeze Festival Coming to London Oct 29-31

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The Relentless Freeze Festival is dropping its load on London’s Battersea Power Station in London again this October 29th to 31st with some of the biggest names in music running alongside the world’s top snowboarders, an unmissable retail area, and of course plenty of pre-winter parties.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:95:]]Relentless Freeze is the ultimate snow and music festival, bringing London into the winter season for the third year running. It boasts a 32 metre high big air jump, hosting the World Cup Snowboard Big Air in front of the epic backdrop of Battersea Power Station.

Behind the Scenes at The Snowboard Test

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Every year the entire UK snowboard industry descends upon Austria’s Kaunertal glacier for The Snowboard Test. Itss always a key event in the industry calendar, and 2010 was no exception with over 230 people heading to the tiny Tirolean village of Feichten for the sole purpose of testing all 2011 boards, boots and bindings.

36 hours at Relentless Boardmasters 2010

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August 6-8, Newquay, Cornwall

For some, summer is spent ticking off the months until winter. For others, it’s those months with a longer, wider board for riding waves. Either way, for us in the UK, Relentless Boardmasters provides that love for everyone – whether you prefer riding solids or liquids… or just watching the action unfold.

August in New Zealand

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If I’d stuck to my original plans, I’d be finishing work this week and leaving in two. But my flight has already been moved to December. It’s only $50 to change it each time, and there’s no way I can leave just yet. Another three weeks of epic adventures has passed me by, and I don’t regret one minute of volunteering 14-hour days from 5am, nor smelling as bad as I did after living out a van and not showering for 5 days!

NZ Snow Season Gets Underway

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June 21, 2009

We’ve been here a month now and I think we’ve done more in the past four weeks than I’ve ever done in a month at home. We couldn’t resist waiting for the resorts to open, so we hit up the Remarkables on June 1st.

Settling in for the NZ season

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May 31 2009
It’s been a week now – a week today I left England and here’s the first moment I’ve had to actually sit and chill, doing absolutely sweet FA. A week ago I didn’t imagine I’d be sitting here now in a 3-bed detached house with panoramic views of Lake Wakatipu from my bedroom and our massive 30sq ft deck… and only be paying £40 a week for it. Every time I look out the window I can’t believe I’m looking at a never-ending expanse of glittering water, surrounded by towering snowy mountains and green hills.

Behind the scenes at The Snowboard Test

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Every year, the entire British snowboard industry descends upon Austria’s Kaunertal Glacier to test all the latest in next season’s snowboarding kit. New brands, established brands, retailers, distributors and media alike have the difficult job of testing boards, bindings, boots and any other kit thrown at them, before rating it on special cards.
Every piece of kit is rated out of ten for performance on piste, powder, park and pipe, and then the tester can write their own thoughts and comments.

Final countdown to NZ

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It’s a week to go now, exactly to the minute, before I jump on Air New Zealand flight to Queenstown. It’s hard to imagine, considering I’m currently on a mundane South West Train from Weymouth to London. But 29 hours after leaving Heathrow and hopefully I’ll be at the X-Base hostel, meeting some people I’ve met only via the world of Facebook. Oh the joys of social networking.

One guy is already in NZ after a season in Lapland. Another is heading straight from California. But what we have in common is that we’re putting winter over summer, for four more months in the snow.

Hemel happiness

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“Yes you can, because we’re not MK…” was the catchphrase of the night. It’s the second freestyle Park and Ride night and my first time up at the new Hemel Snow Centre.
I’m blatantly not the only first-timer up there, as there’s others sharing my awe at the building and slope. Some guy thought I worked there, asking questions about how I (yes, me personally) get the snow so much better than the other nearby indoor snow centres.