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Behind Every Great Snowboarder, Lies An Even Greater Sock.

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They can be described as the black widow of anyone’s wardrobe; something so small yet capable of a great deal of accomplishment as well as style destruction, and still, most people neglect attention to them more than that of a red-headed step child. No, this doesn’t mean that windbreaker onesie suits are coming back in

The 7 Deadly Staches of Snowboarding

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As you might have noticed, this month, things have been getting a bit hairy around these parts. To commemorate the thousands of bros around the world putting their finishing touches to the tresses above their upper lip- the following may give you some insight into the varying styles of mustaches and the personalities behind them according

Desiree Melancon Wins Big At The Reels

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The world of film is filled with festivals like Cannes and Sundance; and then we have The Reels- an international snowboarding film festival all thanks to 3 very passionate Frenchmen. The French have an unlimited capacity for gallantry and indulge it on every occasion, and this event was no different. The second annual festival celebrated every snowboard

Stick Flicks: Bald E-Gal “Ground Control”

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Every year I get more and more hyped on the new snowboard films that drop, and this year is no exception. Its no secret that this is primarily a ladies zine, but lets face it, sometimes we need a bit of testosterone in our lives- and as much as I like to see the woman

Doppelgangers Of The Week

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Nope, you’re not seeing double. What your about to scroll through is merely the cosmos way of saying there are just way too many genetic permutations, even in the snowboard world.  Clearly the universe gets bored and begins to repeat itself. Marko Grilc vs Eric Bana Obviously long lost twins.   Iikka Backstrom vs Cary


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She’s a daring adventurer that has left footprints in places like the Arctic and Alaska; some may call her a exploratory mountaineer, brand ambassador or a big mountain snowboarder- but she likes to introduce herself as Jules. Julia Pickering isn’t only a split board master but also a influential pioneer in female mountaineering. POWDERROOM –recently