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GoPro Announces New Faster & Smaller HD Hero3

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GoPro launched their new HD Hero3 with this video, which was filmed entirely on the new device. This is what I wish our POV films looked like. Maybe I need to get one? Overall I am impressed by how great the videos look especially compared to the HD Hero that I have. GoPro has seemingly

Nokia x Burton Insulated Phone Case

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If you’ve experienced a dead phone battery due to the cold, then you may be interested in this unusual collaboration between Burton and Nokia. It basically looks like a down jacket for your phone, but it has a soft fur lining and 3M™Thinsulate™. According to Nokia the case can extend your battery life by 50% in

APP REVIEW: Grab Your Board

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It’s easy to get caught up fantasizing about shredding in the off-season. I’m guilty of it. Aren’t we all? Though there lots of ways to stay in shape, improve your form, and prepare for winter on the hill when you’re not able to chase winter like the pros or all the rich kids on instagram,

iPhone Owners More Likely to Snowboard

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According to the GfK MRI Survey of the American Consumer, Fall 2009 iPhone owners are 254% more likely to snowboard than non-iPhone owners. They are just about as likely to shop at Bloomingdales.

Either this means that all those snow iPhone apps make sense or Bloomingdales needs to start selling snowboards.

For the record, I own an iPhone and I have been known to shop at Bloomies.

via TUAW and MediaPost

Get snow conditions and a holiday countdown on your Facebook page

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Got a snow trip planned and can’t resist checking the forecast and gloating to your mates that you’re snowbound? – a website featuring info on more than 1000 winter destinations – has launched a new Facebook application.

You can get the latest snow conditions, weather forecasts and slope conditions on the resort of your choice and start a countdown to your trip. You can also share your opinions and thoughts on the resorts you visit – and these can be seen on too. A similar application for other social networks including MySpace, Hi5, Orkut, Hyves and Netlog was launched earlier in the year.