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Yoga with a boardsports bias

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We all know yoga is fantastic for keeping you subtle and flexible. It also helps reduce stress and improves your mood and even your memory! If you can’t get to a class then a DVD is a great way to practice some moves at home or on your travels. 
Surf Into Yoga is a new yoga DVD which we think you might like. It’s the brainchild of surfer Rochelle Ballard. She works with her brother and yoga instructor Hoku Gordines and pro snowboarder and co-producer Chanelle Sladics to offer a selection of yoga sequences with levels suitable for beginners through to intermediates.

Sun protection for your eyes is crucial in the winter too

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During the summer, sunblock and your shades are some of the first things you grab other than your bathing suit. However you need to wear protection for your eyes when you’re playing outside in the winter too.

When you head to the mountains some people don’t think about goggles. It might be cloudy or overcast while you¹re playing, but the sun rays still get through. When it glares off the snow it makes it even worse. You know in the summer that you need to wear sunblock even when it¹s cloudy or overcast, so why not protect your peepers too with a pair of glam goggles?

Stretching Before You Ride May Be a Bad Idea

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I know a lot of people who are proponents of stretching before they snowboard. We learned that  this what we’re supposed to do from other sports we’ve played. An article in the Phys Ed section of the New York Times, called Stretching: The Truth, says this might be a very bad idea.

Some leading physiologists are saying that the standard way of stretching, called static stretching,  may actually be making your muscles weaker. Touching your toes for 30 seconds, for example,  doesn’t increase the distance you can stretch but rather just increases your pain tolerance.

B4BC’s seven steps to stomp out breast cancer

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the shops are full of lovely pink goodies to help you support awareness, research and support programmes.

Brands you might find in your local snowboard store which have products supporting the cause include Billabong, Burton, CCS Girls, Circa, DVS Shoe Co., Element, Enjoi, Etnies, Hurley, Paul Frank, Volcom, Von Zipper, and Zoo York.

Many of these are supporting Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC), the non-profit, youth-focussed education, awareness and fundraising foundation.