Gum Girls Show How Women Really Wear Outerwear (or not)

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I came across several videos on youtube that seem to be from Rip Curl Chile.  They feature “Gum Girls” wearing Rip Curl outerwear and bikinis, or bikinis, or just part of a bikini. The poor girls must be literally freezing their tits off. Obviously this is not marketed towards women, but the only interesting part

Burton Divides Up Western Rep Empire

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Burton has announced that Laurent Vrignaud, who served as independent sales rep for Burton for 22 years, is leaving as of June 1. During his time repping Burton, Vrignaud’s sales territory expanded to encompass all of California, Nevada, Arizona, and Hawaii.

“Laurent has been a part of the Burton family for so long, and we all thank him for dedicating over two decades of his career to growing the brand and the sport,” said Jake Burton, Founder and CEO of Burton Snowboards. “Everyone here wishes him the best on his next chapter, and we look forward to a new era with our valued dealers in the territory.”

Artist Behind the Graphics: Amy Ruppel

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We all know the saying “looks aren’t everything”. But doesn’t it make you happy when the the board you desperately want has some sweet looking
graphics too? The reality is that many people will buy their board for how it looks rather than any of the technical features. These days some of the board graphics can be so impressive that you want to hang your new pride and joy on the wall instead of ride it!

Session Auctions Painting for B4BC

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Sessions is auctioning off a painting from artist Amanda Mendiant. They’re also inluding a Sessions B4BC jacket. All of the proceeds will go to Boarding for Breast Cancer. The auction runs through October 15.

Go bid on ebay.



Holden & Bonfire Launch 2010/2011 Websites

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It must have been a busy week in Portland as both Bonfire and Holden have launched their new websites. Loaded with rich content and video both sites are more of an experience than just a website.

Holden features cute little videos of their staff doing things like dorking around on a snowboard indoors or knitting. They also have brilliantly integrated videos of all their product being model. So you can really see how it looks on person!


Bonfire’s new site has a unique video background. It’s also got a neat filtering system that helps you narrow down their products.

686 Launches 2010-2011 Website

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686 has just launched their 2010-2011 website at The new website has videos, blogs, and tons of info on their gear. They’ve added a product video for every piece of outerwear! So now you can learn more about the product and see it on a real person.


TTR Explains New Live Scoring System

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A live scoring system may not sound so exciting because really aren't they all live? But Snowboard Live Scoring System (SLS) that was used at the Burton New Zealand Open may totally change the future of snowboarding. 

In most competitions riders are given an overall impression score – meaning judges give them one score for how they did as a whole on their run. In SLS, riders are scored on each trick for a total trick score that is added to the flow score for their overall score. There are plans to implement this scoring system for all TTR 6 Star events this season.

Want to learn more? TTR has put out this video explaining how it works.

Remembering Krista Moroge

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Three years ago, while living in Utah, I had the chance to meet Krista Moroge. As the owner of a very successful sales rep agency and a true ripper, she was someone many women in snowboarding could look up to. So I asked Krista if I could interview her for our Jobs for the Girls series. Krista’s interview was smart and funny and I know many people enjoyed it.