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Ballistyx Rail Jam

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Hot on the heels of the Shred Bettys get together ( ie the next night) was the Ballistyx Rail Jam in Ringwood, Melbourne. Ok so for those of you who know the area, you will know that Ringwood is not known for its snowfalls, however it is very well know for its snowboard shop, Ballistyx, who hosted the event out the back of their shop.

Shred Bettys Launch

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Some of you may or may not remember the story I wrote about the Shred Bettys last year. 

Bryony Рone of the two girls behind the program - contacted me last month with a bit of an update on what they are planning for the new season and an invite to come along to their launch night at local snowboard shop Trigger Brothers. Never one to turn down an invite I headed down to meet the girls.