Community Guidelines

Powderroom is a community created by and for women snowboarders. We encourage our members to contribute and share. We have a few rules that everyone must follow.

  • Be respectful to each other
    We encourage civil discourse and discussion, but we ask that members refrain from personal attacks and respect that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


  • Powderroom can decline to publish unacceptable content
    We reserve the right to remove any content we deem unacceptable. This includes forum posts as well as blogs, reviews, and comments and anything published on this site as well as linked to content.

    Please see the list below for what is deemed unacceptable content.

    • Abusive, harrassing, or theatening to member or other persons
    • Libelous, defamatory, or knowingly false
    • Anything that is for the sole purpose of selling products or services without the permission of the editor of this site EXCEPT for posts in the Gear for Sale forum
    • Infringing on trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property
    • SPAM or purely self-promoting


  • Post appropriately to our forum
    Please follow the following rules when posting to the forum

    • Do not post the same thing multiple times in different forums
    • If you have multiple updates on the same subject please update the original topic rather than creating a new topic
    • Post for sale items only in the Gear for Sale forum
  • Zero Tolerancy Policy
    We have a zero tolerance policy for spam and inappropriate content. Posting of anything deemed unacceptable may lead to immediate suspension of your ability to post or comment on our content.

Powderroom staff and moderators determine what is acceptable or not on a case by case basis. We reserve the right update the guidelines for unacceptable content as needed. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to notify us of any inappropriate content.