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WATCH: Roxy Wilder Full Movie

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Roxy and Peep Show Films have teamed up again! This time it’s for an urban snowboard film featuring Corinne Pasela, Erin Comstock, Danyale Patterson, Joanie Robichaud, and Marie-AndrĂ©e Racine. Amber Stackhouse produced and the film was directed and edited by Peep Show’s Esthera Preda and June Bhongjan.    

Burton Drops 2014 Site

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Is it already time for next season’s gear to drop? We’re still all about biking, hiking, and relaxing at the beach but now we also get to look at next season’s goodies! Burton has just dropped their new website where you can take a gander at all their gear for the 2013-2014 season. Visit