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Behind Every Great Snowboarder, Lies An Even Greater Sock.

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They can be described as the black widow of anyone’s wardrobe; something so small yet capable of a great deal of accomplishment as well as style destruction, and still, most people neglect attention to them more than that of a red-headed step child. No, this doesn’t mean that windbreaker onesie suits are coming back in

The Anton Files… Ladies First

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Given its propensity for attracting big groups of blokes, St Anton has somewhat unfairly earned the moniker ‘Manton’.

But for three weeks in January, women will be taking back the power thanks to an ingenious initiative called Ladies First. 

Basically, this entitles us to heaps of discounts and deals while the men pay usual prices. I like it. A lot. 

Women holidaymakers just have to roll up to the tourist office in the village centre where they’ll get a booklet crammed with money-saving, female-friendly vouchers.