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Gretchen Bleiler Wins Climate Activist Award

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Gretchen Bleiler received the 2nd Climate Activist Award at the Transworld Riders’ Poll Awards in Denver, Colorado. ¬†Transworld Snowboarding and Protect Our Winters selected the winner based on “riders who inspired others, took meaningful action, and did something notable in the past year in the fight against climate change.” Bleiler, who sits on the board

Gretchen Bleiler Won’t Be Competing in Pipe…Much

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In a blog post on ESPN Women, Gretchen Bleiler has announced that she won’t be doing much competing in halfpipe this season. “I’ve decided to eliminate most of the halfpipe competitions from my schedule this season” wrote Bleiler.

As she enters her 10th season of competitive snowboarding, Bleiler explains that she feels she’s in “a bit of a competitive rut” and that the requirements of being successful competitvely stifle creatively. Bleiler is not retiring but seeking change.[[wysiwyg_imageupload:149:]]

Olympians Get the Glamour Treatment

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Glamour has a four page spread with Gretchen Bleiler, Kelly Clark, Lindsey Jacobellis and Hannah Teter in the February 2010 issue.  I knew they were doing a shoot with some of the 2006 Olympians (and 2010 Olympic hopefuls), as Gretchen Bleiler had tweeted about it a few months ago. It’s called the Great Olympic Glam-Up. You can check it out online or in the magazine scans below.

from Glamour – February 2010
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Bleiler Qualifies First for Grand Prix at Copper

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On a chilly day at Copper Mountain, Gretchen Bleiler grabbed the top spot in the women’s qualifiers.  She’ll head into the final on Saturday hoping to help secure an Olympic spot with a repeat performance. Bleiler was given stiff competition by Kelly Clark, who qualified second and is looking for her 3rd trip to the Olympics.

"It was great to come out this morning and have qualifiers. The weather cooperated and it got a little bit warmer for us," Clark said. "To come out and land my first run of the season at the first event is a great way to start my year and I am looking forward to finals on Saturday."

Soko Yamaka of Japan took the third qualifying spot, and young Maddy Schaffrick suprised the field coming in fourth.

Watch Stance Right Now – For Free!

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Stance, an all female snowboard film, is available for download and watching on their website right now. You can get it in ipod or regular format for free for a limited time at The full version is 1.16GB so it will take awhile to download…so in the meantime you might want to watch the embedded version below.

The film by JMills Entertainment features Gretchen Bleiler, Hana Beaman, Kimmy Fasani, Lisa Filsmozer, Jenny Jones, Torah Bright and Raewyn Reid.

First Look at Stance – All Girls Film

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The first teaser for Stance, a women’s snowboard film coming out this fall, has been released. We told you a little about this film before but we’re finally getting a glimpse and seeing who’s in it.   We knew about Gretchen Bleiler but it’s also got Hana Beaman, Jamie Anderson, Kimmy Fasani, Lisa Filzmoser, Jenny Jones, Torah Bright, Raewyn Reid, Molly Aguirre, and Gabi Viteri.

ESPN Interview with Makers of 2010 Women’s Film Stance

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ESPN’s Action Sports Blog has an interview with Stan Evan and Jeremy Miller, the filmmakers behind one of next season’s women’s snowboard film – Stance. Stance has some big names like Gretchen Bleiler and Jamie Anderson. In the interview the producers promise high end cinematography the likes of which you don’t normally see in snowboard flicks.