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Haute Links: Holden Outerwear 2012-2013

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Holden has just launched their 2012-2013 website at In addition to all the product info and videos, we notice that if you sign up for their newsletter they’ll give you 10% off your order. Get on that!

Holden & Bonfire Launch 2010/2011 Websites

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It must have been a busy week in Portland as both Bonfire and Holden have launched their new websites. Loaded with rich content and video both sites are more of an experience than just a website.

Holden features cute little videos of their staff doing things like dorking around on a snowboard indoors or knitting. They also have brilliantly integrated videos of all their product being model. So you can really see how it looks on person!


Bonfire’s new site has a unique video background. It’s also got a neat filtering system that helps you narrow down their products.

Holden 08/09 website now live

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Holden have sent their 2008/9 season website now. Very flashy with lots of pretty video and music. Check it out at