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Get Better Snow Photos

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The New York Times has 5 tips for taking snowboard (and ski) photos that you might find useful. They’ve got stuff for you whether you use a SLR or a point and shoot.

After you take some amazing photos come back and post them in your Powderrrom photo album!

Stretching Before You Ride May Be a Bad Idea

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I know a lot of people who are proponents of stretching before they snowboard. We learned that  this what we’re supposed to do from other sports we’ve played. An article in the Phys Ed section of the New York Times, called Stretching: The Truth, says this might be a very bad idea.

Some leading physiologists are saying that the standard way of stretching, called static stretching,  may actually be making your muscles weaker. Touching your toes for 30 seconds, for example,  doesn’t increase the distance you can stretch but rather just increases your pain tolerance.