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Jake Burton Gets His Own Board

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You’d think that after all these years Jake Burton would have already had his own signature board, but you’d be wrong! That streak is about to end as Jake has designed a super limited edition board called the Stone Hut.

New for 2013: Rome Gold Snowboard

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The Rome Gold is a new all mountain snowboard that retails for $500. It’s a directional board that has reverse camber between the feet and regular camber on the tips.  It comes in sizes 144, 147, 151 and 155. Rome describes this board as: NEW DESIGN FOR PRECISION, CONTROL AND PURE POWER Fluid bottom turns;

School of Rocker

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2010 is the year of reverse camber boards. What seemed like a gimmick last season has turned into a major technology trend sweeping the industry. Nearly every company is offering a board with reverse camber this season yet they are all called something different.  Are you confused? Do you want to understand this whole reverse camber thing?